For the comfort of little ones

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All-around design and functionality

We have developed TartaKid for children from a few months to 3 years old.
A new concept of ergonomic seating for infants designed to be used in different solutions, in full compliance with the ergonomic needs due to growth.
We wanted it to be innovative and equipped with simple and intuitive solutions.
As a result, Tarta Kid is the product that precisely meets postural needs and makes it easier for therapists and parents to care for the child.
We are convinced that visual impact is very important. That’s why the design of this seat conveys a sense of pleasantness and comfort. It embraces the child, protects him or her and gives him or her a correct and ergonomic position.
It can be used in different situations throughout the day. It is designed to be placed in the high chair, on the floor and/or on the couch using the U-shaped cushion provided, to carry out play activities, or placed on its high chair base, to be approached to the dining table or at school to study.


Thanks to the universal attachment system, the Tarta Kid postural system can be applied to different types of base. This philosophy guarantees comfort of use and easy management of the postural system. It can be quickly applied to the following Tarta bases: wooden high chair, height adjustable high chair, pushchair, floor base and table seat.
The whole range of bases is designed to be easy to use, ultra-light and with an extremely quick and intuitive attachment/removal system to ensure that parents and relatives can use it easily and immediately.
Tarta® Kid combines perfectly with all the bases that have been designed to form a whole with the posture system to convey a sense of continuity and visual appeal, which is very important for the acceptance of aids for parents and relatives.


We are convinced that the aesthetics of the product are just as important as the technical features. The design of the “Tarta Kid” system has been carefully designed to be essential and at the same time lively.


Tarta Kid is designed to be used in a variety of situations throughout the day. From the high chair to the pushchair, from the sofa at home to the table in the restaurant.

Recommended age

This product is suitable for children aged approximately 8 months to 3/4 years.


Tarta Kid is parent-friendly! The adjustments are very quick and easy allowing immediate product handling for anyone.


The foam and ecological microfibre fabric give the pads a uniquely pleasant and soft feel.

Washable at 40°C

Depth and height

The depth of the seat and the height of the backrest are adjustable in order to follow the growth of the child in a precise and punctual manner so as to guarantee maximum postural benefit.

Inclination and flexibility

The backrest reclines continuously from -5 to +30°. The correct inclination of the backrest is a fundamental aspect of comfort, posture and the prevention of incorrect postural attitudes. The flexibility of the backrest allows the child to develop a sense of balance and to interact actively with the surrounding environment.


The fit of the backrest and seat can be adjusted without the use of any tools, allowing parents to make adjustments quickly and independently. The child must always be supported and corrected but at the same time must not feel restricted and limited.


The Tarta Kid system has a series of accessories that make it possible to customise the seat, guarantee the child’s safety and facilitate its use in different situations and environments. Different models of headrests, harness straps and above all indoor and outdoor bases are available to facilitate different daily activities.

Height-Adjustable high chair

The aluminium high chair is height- and tilt-adjustable and can be folded down for transport and storage. It has a standard table with a removable tray for easy washing after feeding. A padded cushion surrounds the seat to protect the child.

Wooden high chair

The wooden high chair is light and stable. It can be used as a second base at school or the grandparents’ home. Special attention has been paid to minimalist design and low price to give everyone the possibility to buy it as an extra base.


The pushchair is lightweight and manoeuvrable, with a seat that can be tilted. It comes with all the necessary accessories such as a hood, basket and sleeves, all standard. It can be used both facing the street and facing mum. Detachable and lightweight, it is easy to load into the car.

Floor base

The floor base cushion is designed to allow your child to play on the floor and interact with other children.

Table seat

The Tarta Kid system can be inserted into the special table seat for use in different situations, at home or in a restaurant.

Technical Specifications

Recommended age 8 months to 3 years
Postural System Weight 2,4 kg
Height (dalla seduta alla misura sottoascellare) 19-26cm
Depth 19-26 cm
Backrest inclination -5° + 30°
Fit (indicative measurement) chest: from 13 to 23 cm
pelvis: from 17 to 25 cm