The company

From the 90s to today

We are looking for truly innovative products

Orthosanit Diffusion Srl was founded in December 1995 as a specialist company in the field of rehabilitation aids.

With a commitment to continuous product research, we review and source the most advanced rehabilitation aids commercially available. Every product that is sourced or supplied has been rigorously assessed for its ability to meet the needs of even the most discerning users. This dedication to product quality has seen us provide solutions into the most competitive international markets, as a highly-regarded leader in accessibility products.

Orthosanit Diffusion has a reputation for developing all-new segment opportunities in Italy and bringing to market product designs that set new benchmarks for product quality and usability. This “first to market” approach doesn’t simply follow industry trends – it defines them. We are looking for truly innovative products.

High quality

We are committed to distributing only high quality aids

Today Orthosanit Diffusion wants to consolidate its leadership in the Italian market of rehabilitation aids focusing exclusively on the distribution of specialized and high quality products designed by leading international companies in the market of reference:

Meyra Group

International group of the following companies:

Meyra Ortopedia, German company with a rich history in progressive design and manufacturing of wheelchairs;

ALU REHAB, Norwegian company specializing in the advanced design and manufacture of comfort wheelchairs and seating systems;

TA Service, Danish company, with a depth of experience in the design of electric wheelchairs;

MDH, Polish company leader in the production of child.

Therafin Corporation

American company developing systems that allow for wheelchair positioning, whilst ensuring modernity in every design.

Orion Group

Italian design technology combined with human-like intelligence, producing automated personal assistant technology and creating a fully-integrated solution – including its revolutionary communication software and voice pointer.

Vista Medical/Boditrak

Company that offers a pressure mapping system through the use of an intuitive and transportable system, the only one in the industry to highlight not only the pressures, but also the cutting forces and all extrinsic elements that can compromise the correct posture of the user.


Developing ultra-modern products and acquiring cutting-edge brands

Netti Dynamic System

Continuously oriented to technological innovations in total user support, Orthosanit has designed and created for Alu Rehab the Netti Dynamic System, the first dynamic system in the world that fully supports the extensor movements of the user, it preserves the physical safety and guarantees a longer life of the wheelchair.

Tarta design

From 1 March 2022 Orthosanit Diffusion focuses on technological innovation acquiring an important brand Tarta design.

With Tarta Design begins a new path.  OSD is a leading company in the importation of medical devices and will commence a new project for the design and construction of new medical devices for the Italian and foreign markets.


We provide our expertise

A dependable industry partner requires a team that can be relied upon. Orthosanit Diffusion comprises specially selected personnel, each with a defined purpose and passion for human health and movement.

From the administrative team to the logistics, operational, sales, marketing and management specialists – you can expect a concierge level of service and a clinical approach to technologies.

Comprising sales executives with a direct focus on purchaser engagement and industry relationships, this team works intimately with injury management providers, allied health professionals and medical specialists.

By maintaining a highly communicative and informative approach, industry participants are constantly updated on the latest product innovations, providing constant opportunity to deliver more solutions to more people, more often.

Doctors, therapists and practitioners depend upon the technical expertise and impassioned care of the Orthosanit Diffusion team. From dedicated in-house experts to product supply and repair services – the end-to-end service offering ensures absolute quality control throughout the company.

Most importantly, our staff are actively supported and rewarded for our most important mission – providing accessibility solutions to optimize the quality of life for all of our product users. This shared vision is what binds us as a company and what sees us deliver the best-in-class products year after year.