Tarta Emys

Compact and flexible postural backrest

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Designed to impress

Emys is the compact, flexible postural backrest with a unique design. We have designed it to be incredibly easy to use thanks to the quick-release coupling and release systems. Emys provides a feeling of extreme comfort thanks to its breathable foam padding. The handmade padding can be removed and washed at 30°C. The flexibility of the backrest can be easily adjusted giving you the right mix of freedom of movement and control. Did you know that Tarta® Emys received the Oscar for innovation? Well yes in 2017, it won the prestigious “Compasso d’Oro International Edition”, an international design award, which is held every two years.

Design, well-being and ease of use.

Three key elements that have always distinguished Tarta products. The study of visual impact is the basis of a revolutionary design.

Captivating lines identify an instrument that stands out for its design originality applied to ergonomics. In addition, the new reflective material profiles increase its visibility, making it safe even in the NIGHT.


3 staves / 4 staves / 5 staves

Available in 3 different heights (27-35- 43cm). The size must be chosen according to the user’s height, pathology and the amount of support needed. The low backrest is suitable for people with balance and good torso control, while the high backrest is designed for people who need more support.


Medium / Large / Extralarge

The backrest is available in 3 widths, Medium, Large and Extra Large, from a minimum of 35 cm to a maximum of 45 cm. The ribs of the backrest are made of aluminium and can be moulded as required to conform to the user’s measurements. We recommend that you consider the size of the user’s T-shirt and select the corresponding backrest.


Standard / Contour / Deep-Contour

The backrest is available in three different depths depending on the support and containment needed according to the morphology and control of the user’s torso. The depth of the restraining slats are 5.5 cm, 9 cm and 14.5 cm respectively.

Adjustable wheelchair attachments

Rigid / Foldable

The backrest has 2 different attachments depending on the type of wheelchair. One attachment for folding wheelchairs, consisting of height-adjustable central hardware attached to a crossbar to be fixed to the backrest tubes of the wheelchair. An attachment for rigid wheelchairs, consisting of central hardware that is adjustable in height. In both cases, the backrest can be easily removed and the wheelchair folded.

Choose your style

Comfortable, 100% customizable and with an attractive design. Tarta Backrest are just the way want them.

Extravagant. Rigorous.Colourful. Elegant

Unleash your imagination and create the backrest that best represents you!

Technical Specifications

Height 3 Vertebrae cm 27
4 Vertebrae cm 35
5 Vertebrae cm 43
Size M for wheelchairs from 35 to 40
L for wheelchairs from 38 to 43
XL for wheelchairs from 40 to 45
Fit Standard 5,5 cm
Contour 9 cm
Deep contour 14, 5 cm
Adjustable attachment for rigid frame wheelchair
Connection for frame with a diameter of 19-22-25 mm
G-type attachment
Pipe fitting with a diameter of 19-22 mm
Attachment for foldables wheelchair
Size M 36-41cm
Size L 41-46 cm
Frame clamps 19-21 mm / 22-25 mm