Tarta Boost

Compact and flexible postural backrest

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Freedom of movement

BOOST is the compact, flexible postural backrest with a unique design. Designed to be incredibly easy to use thanks to quick attachment and detachment systems. BOOST is created to provide an extremely comfortable feeling, thanks to the new anatomical shape and, above all, the breathable, comfortable padding, removable and machine-washable.

The flexibility of the backrest can be easily adjusted to achieve the right balance between freedom of movement and user control.


The padding is made of soft foam and ensures optimal comfort. The covers are made of breathable technical fabric that can be removed and are machine washable.


The BOOST backrest is characterized by soft lines that blend perfectly with a hi-tech design that combines beauty and ergonomics.


The space between the slats and the highly breathable materials used for the padding and covers ensure very high breathability for the backrest, essential for optimal comfort.


The harmonic steel of the column and the modular structure of BOOST give the backrest flexibility, providing comfort and assisting the user in their daily movements.


With a simple adjustment, you can decide the level of flexibility of the backrest.


30cm / 35cm / 41cm

Available in various heights. The size should be chosen based on the user’s height, pathology, and the amount of support required. The low backrest is suitable for individuals with balance and good trunk control, while the high backrest is designed for those who need more support and assistance.


Medium / Large / Extralarge

The backrest is available in 3 widths: Medium, Large, and Extra Large, from a minimum of 35 cm to a maximum of 45 cm. The backrest ribs are made of aluminum and can be moulded as required to conform perfectly to the user’s measurements. We recommend that you consider the size of the user’s T-shirt and select the corresponding backrest.


Standard / Contour

The backrest is available in two different depths depending on the support and containment needed according to the morphology and control of the user’s torso. The depth of the supportive slats measures respectively 9 cm and 14.5 cm.

Adjustable attachments for wheelchair

Rigid / Foldable

The backrest has two different attachments depending on the type of wheelchair. An attachment for folding wheelchairs, consisting of an height adjustable central hardware fixed to a crossbar to be attached to the back tubes of the wheelchair. An attachment for rigid wheelchairs, consisting of an height adjustable central hardware. In both cases, the backrest can be easily removed, and the wheelchair folded.

Choose your style

Comfortable, 100% customizable and with an attractive design. Tarta Backrest are just the way want them.

Extravagant. Rigorous. Colourful.

Unleash your imagination and create the backrest that best represents you!

Technical Specifications

Height LOW 30 cm
MID 35 cm
HIGH 41 cm
Size M for wheelchairs from 35 to 40 cm
L for wheelchairs from 38 to 43 cm
XL for wheelchairs from 40 to 45 cm
Fit Standard 9 cm
Contour 14,5 cm
Adjustable attachment for rigid frame wheelchair
Connection for frame with a diameter of 19-22-25 mm
Attachment for foldables wheelchair
Size M 36-41 cm
Size L 41-46 cm
Frame clamps 19-21 mm / 22-25 mm